I used to get excited about new Mobile Devices...

I remember when I used to see announcements or rumors of Pocket PC and Smartphone devices and I would get so excited. I'm at the point now where I just don't care any more.

I've been dreaming of a smartphone or Pocket PC device like my wife's Treo 600. I desperately want a thumb keyboard since most of what I use my phone for is e-mail. So when I saw the Motorola MPX I was extatic, then today when I saw this new BenQ device I was, initially happy, then just plain depressed.

It so happens that it really doesn't matter what anyone releases. All that matters is what my carrier offers me. The news that the MPx is going to retail for around $900 is so absurd. So lets cross that one off. What are the changes of AT&T or T-mobile offering the BenQ phone? Probably slim to none, so scratch that one off as well. The devices that the US carriers offer is pretty pathetic. AT&T offers a single MS Smartphone (the Motorola MPX-200). This phone is running Smartphone 2002, which we all know is older than the current Smartphone 2003 release. Additionally, the phone has known bugs (Caller ID, random disconnects with headset), and I'm already on my 3rd phone in 6 months. AT&T can't even get us a firmware update to resolve these issues. Then there is the 2? year old Pocket PC phone that all the us carriers have been selling forever now. No thanks. Then there is T-Mobile, no Smartphone, same Pocket PC Phone. Cingular (soon AT&T's owner) sells no Microsoft Mobile devices that I am aware of. I won't even bother with the CDMA carriers.

So, in a nutshell, we have a single US GSM carrier selling a smartphone with an old OS, some real problems they have not dealt with to my satisfaction, and all have a track record for releasing these phone incredibly slowly. Meanwhile, everyone except for Verizon sells the Treo 600... hmm I wonder why. If only it was running the Microsoft Smartphone OS.

Hopefully in 2005 I can get a Windows Mobile powered device with a thumb keyboard for less than $500 dollars. I can dream can't I?