Nikon D70 now available

If you hury, PCMall has 28 in stock and ready to ship. I just ordered mine, Wohoo! Should be here Tuesday or Wed.

Update: PCMall screwed up my order and I'm filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

Here were the chain of events:

  1. Ordered Camera Saturday morning. 29 in stock.
  2. Checked order status on Saturday evening and it said that it was Waiting for customer and it did not ship.
  3. I called them to inquire and they said that they called me to verify the order (since it was over $1000) and I was not there to answer. Checked my caller ID, and no one called. But they said to call Monday and speak to credit dept.
  4. Called sunday to make sure that they were holding a camera for me while this was sorted out. They said yes, no problem, it would ship monday when I called.
  5. Called monday. Item is out of stock, and they kept transfering me to people who weren't answering the phone. I left a message for the manager who never returned my call.

This story does have a good ending though. Many months ago I placed my name on a waiting list at Roberts Imaging on the recomendation of Rob Vreeland. Well, they called me a few minutes ago, and are shipping my camera kit FedEX overnight and I'll have it tomorrow. Wohoo!

Now off to the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint against PCMall.