Turbo Tax 2004

Well, this is the 6th year I've used TurboTax now. Each year I owe some federal tax, and each year TurboTax insists on printing out vouchers for estimated tax payments for the following year. They use the most conservative rule for determining if you should pay estimated taxes, and I never need to do it. I always end up with 5 extra print outs each year and I usually curse endlessly at the program while I go in and delete the forms. So annoying. More annoying was the fact that this year, TurboTax removed the ESPP tax calculations from their deluxe product and moved it to their premium product. Well, I just did the calculations by hand and created a handy dandy excel spreadsheet to do the same next year. I'm not sure they are really improving the software in any substantial way. Maybe next year I'll try TaxCut. I tried them a few years ago, but returned it for a refund because they never asked me what my previous years state tax payment was to deduct that from my federal AGI. Not good.

Anyway, it feels good to have filed... now to pay San Francisco property tax. It's someone's cruel joke that they are both due in the same month!