Announcing the New OneNote Dev Center with Interactive Docs

Back in March, we unveiled the inaugural version of the OneNote Dev Center with the introduction of the new OneNote API. We have since listened to our customers and improved the home of our API. Today, we are happy to announce a refreshed OneNote Dev Center where all the resources are easier to find, and we have also rolled out new interactive documentation as part of update.

New Refreshed OneNote Dev Center

In this update, you find a simple UI that lays out all the key development resources right on the homepage. We have made these resources much more discoverable and accessible. The other big change is the new interactive documentation, accessible via the api reference link.

We have partnered with the nice folks from Apiary to roll out the new interactive reference documentation. Not only does the documentation has a modern look-and-feel, it also has a console built right into it so you can call the APIs from the documentation to try it out for yourself. In addition, the new interactive docs also have the ability to generate code snippets in a number of languages including C#, JavaScript, PHP, Objective-C and even Swift.

image New OneNote API Interactive Reference Documentation

Give it a whirl and let us know what you think!