Using the Mouse Wheel to Quickly Flip through Pages

If you have a real paper notebook full of notes, how easy is it to find notes you're searching for in it? My guess it that it's not that easy. But one way to make it a slight bit easier is to riffle through the pages by fanning them with your thumb. Although this rarely does more than blow some air into your face as you try to catch a glimpse of the notes on the pages as they go by.

OneNote comes with powerful search capabilities that can find notes in an instant. But there's just no replacement for riffling through the pages of a notebook. That's why we've included riffling functionality into the page tabs. If you have a mouse button on your mouse, or a scroll region on your laptop, you can take full advantage of the riffling feature. Just place the mouse over the page tabs and hold down the <Ctrl> key while scrolling the mouse wheel. This displays each page as you scroll and allows you to view the contents of each page individually as you breeze through them.

While this does not replace search, it does give you an opportunity to flip through your pages quickly. Or perhaps you want to take your time as you flip through them. Just scroll the mouse wheel a little slower.


  • Placing the mouse over the section tabs and scrolling the mouse wheel will also riffle the pages.