[Script Of Dec. 10] How to Manage Permissions to Folders or Files in Windows (PowerShell)






Script Download:   
The script is available for download from https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com//How-to-Manage-Permissions-0e32a949.  You can also use  Microsoft Script Browser for Windows PowerShell ISE to download the sample with one button click from within your scripting environment.

This sample demonstrates how to bulk get and set the security permission for folders and files using PowerShell.

If you want to get or set security permission of a folder or a file, it’s easy for you to right click the folder of file and click the Properties option to view or set the permission. But if you need to check or set security permission for many folders or files, you may spend much time in finishing it. The sample will help you to check or set security permissions for one or more folders and files using the PowerShell script.

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