Field Mapping

Test the script(s), processes and/or data file(s) thoroughly in a test environment, and customize them to meet the requirements of your organization before attempting to use it in a production capacity.  (See the legal notice here)


Note: The workflow sample mentioned in this article can be downloaded from the Opalis project on CodePlex:



A Workflow that demonstrates the use of the Map Published Data Activity so that values from one application can be mapped to the appropriate values in another application. An example would be to map numeric values 1, 2, 3 for ‘priority’ to high, medium, low.

Example Workflow

1. Map Priority and SLA


This Workflow uses the Custom Start Activity to obtain input data using four variables:


  • Source
  • Summary
  • Priority (enter a value between 1 and 3)
  • SLA (enter a value between 2 and 6)

The Map Published Data Activity maps the values entered for Priority and SLA using two mapping rules:


The output Priority_Result, uses the values entered for Priority and maps them to either High, Medium or Low:


The output SLA_Result, uses the values entered for SLA and maps them to either Platinum, Gold or Bronze:


The resulting output is displayed using the Send Platform Event Activity.

Running the example Workflow

Launch the Workflow by starting it from the Operator Console or by running it using the Testing Console. When prompted, enter the appropriate values:


Check the Operator Console Event screen or the Workflow Testing Console log to see the resulting output.

More Information

Refer to the Map Published Data Activity Online Help.


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