How to monitor for Opalis Integration Server Platform Events

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Opalis Integration Server provides a robust means of integrating with products such as Event Management Systems that can monitor hardware and software technology components but what monitors Opalis Integration Server?

Many aspects of the Opalis Integration Server environment can be monitored by Event Management Systems such as Microsoft System Center Operations Manager but there are some aspects of the Opalis Integration Server environment that are self-monitored and produce Opalis Platform Events when issues are detected.  These events are not recorded in a location that most Event Management Systems would monitor but rather are recorded in the Opalis Integration Server database.

Opalis Integration Server can however be configured to have Opalis Platform Events sent as SNMP traps to the SNMP monitoring agent of your choice (e.g. System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2) and have that monitoring agent perform a desired action such as notification.

More Information

To configure SNMP trap delivery, you would need to execute two commands from the Management Server computer in the Management Service installation folder (default path = C:\Program Files\Opalis Software\Opalis Integration Server\Management Service):

oedc /delivery /add /pattern .* /to snmp
The above command will tell the Event Notification system to send all events to configured SNMP destinations.

oedc /snmp /add /ip <ipaddress> /port 162 /version SNMP1 /community opalis
The above command will add a new SNMP destination of the configured IP address on port 162 (default SNMP port) using SNMP version 1 in the SNMP community “opalis”.

The SNMP destination can consume these traps by monitoring for the following varbinds:

  • Trap Enterprise ID =
  • Generic ID = 6 (enterpriseSpecific)
  • Specific ID = 1
  • OID = Opalis Event Type (Information, Warning or Error)
  • OID = Opalis Event Summary
  • OID = Opalis Event Details

Note: If the content of the SNMP trap exceeds 1000 characters it will be truncated.

More information on Opalis Integration Server Event Notification can be found in the Opalis Integration Server Administrator Guide located in the Documentation folder of the Opalis Integration Server distribution package.


For the latest version of the article see the link below:

KB2269622 - How to monitor for Opalis Integration Server Platform Events

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