Integration Pack for Data Manipulation released on Codeplex

There has been quite a bit of discussion in various places around manipulating data that is captured and processed through Opalis Integration Server.  While Opalis Integration Server comes with many objects out of the box that make data management a breeze, there are opportunities for better data manipulation capabilities for the information on the data bus.

This is where the Integration Pack for Data Manipulation comes in.  A series of objects that can be added into your Opalis Integration Server environment to provide extended data management capabilities.

Integration Pack for Data Manipulation

This Integration Pack has no official support but it can solve many of the data manipulation needs that have been identified.

Object listing:

  • Aggregate Data – Free form population of data that can have advanced in-line data manipulation applied to create correlated published data sets.
  • Compare Multiple Values – Provides the ability to perform multiple compare operations in one object and then resolve to true based on conditions of one or more comparison results (e.g. resolve to true only if comparison 1 and comparison 2 are both true).
  • Expand Fields – Allows multiple delimited text streams to be injected and produce correlated data sets.
  • Join Fields – Allows multiple fields to be joined together by a defined delimiter (useful for putting together strings that will be referenced multiple times by other objects in the policy).
  • Match Pattern – Search for a regular expression pattern within text and return a specific match or all matches.
  • Replace Text – Search for a specific string or regular expression and then replace it with defined text.
  • Split Fields – Split a string into multiple published data instances based on a specific string or regular expression delimiter.
  • Transform Data – Allows the use of a XML based configuration file to define input fields and published data fields and apply one or more transformations to the text that is provided at runtime (e.g. format dates, pad strings, replace text etc.).