Microsoft supports the creation of OpenNebula clouds on Windows Server Hyper-V

Posted by Sandy Gupta
General Manager, Open Solutions Group

Today I would like to share some encouraging news about work we have underway with OpenNebula to support continued innovation and interoperability in the cloud – Windows Server Hyper-V is now an officially supported hypervisor for OpenNebula. The open source project is working on a prototype for release next month and it will soon be possible for customers to build and manage OpenNebula clouds on a Hyper-V based virtualization platform.

Microsoft offers a unique value proposition from other software vendors, as we can meet customers’ needs for various types of cloud services, ranging from IaaS, PaaS and SaaS across public and private cloud deployments. Customers today run heterogeneous infrastructures and workloads in their data centers that include a mix of Windows and open source based software. We are committed to meeting these needs in our cloud offerings, making it attractive for both customers and developers, including those that develop or run open source based stacks.

Windows Server Hyper-V is an enterprise class virtualization platform that is getting rapidly and widely deployed in the industry. Given the highly heterogeneous environments in today’s data centers and clouds, we are seeing enablement of various Linux distributions including SUSE, CentOS, Red Hat, and CS2C on Windows Server Hyper-V, as well as emerging open source cloud projects like OpenStack -- and now OpenNebula.

Great news indeed!