Openness Customer Spotlight: blinkbox Saving Millions with Microsoft Cloud

Posted by Openness Team

One of the most popular movie and TV streaming services in the United Kingdom, blinkbox delivers dynamic content to more than a million monthly users, across their favorite devices. The company needed a way to meet enormous demands for compute power and storage, to transcode video files for an ever-increasing number of formats and resolutions.

blinkbox decided to begin migrating its entire video encoding and streaming workflow from their datacenter to Microsoft Azure to take advantage of huge costs savings and quickly scale IT infrastructure on demand. They’ve also been impressed with support for a broad set of platforms and tools, which run various operating systems and in different environments.

“A fantastic part of Microsoft Azure is that is broadly platform agnostic, there’s loads of Linux support, and it doesn’t treat Linux like a second-class citizen,” said Jon Robinson, Group IT Manager at blinkbox. “This allows us to run our breadth of tools across the platform without any concerns about reliability or downtime.”

Head over to the Windows Azure blog for the complete Q&A with Jon or learn more by checking out the below video.