OpenStack + Hyper-V

Posted by Sandy Gupta
General Manager, Open Solutions Group

Two weeks ago the OpenStack community announced the release of Essex. I want to congratulate the community on reaching this key milestone. Microsoft is working with the OpenStack community to restore and enhance Windows Server Hyper-V support in OpenStack to benefit customers planning to use the two together. We have put together a dedicated team at Microsoft focused on working with the community to support this effort.
This week we were pleased to participate in the upcoming OpenStack Design Summit & Conference. The Microsoft team at the conference was led by Peter Pouliot, who is a known face in the OpenStack community and recently joined Microsoft as community manager for OpenStack. He and others have been working with various community members to investigate the scope of work needed to address Windows Server Hyper-V support in OpenStack. In the session OpenStack Compute for Hyper-V planned for the Design Summit, Jordan Rinke, a key community contributor, and Peter Pouliot presented on the progress that has been made to restore Windows Server Hyper-V Support into OpenStack, including a demonstration of the feature based on code that is under development.
Overall this is good news for OpenStack and Windows Server Hyper-V customers. This initiative also reiterates Microsoft’s commitment to working with various commercial entities and communities to drive interoperability work for the benefit of customers.