New Year, New WP7 Marketplace Clarifications

Check out the final word:

I'm starting the year off a couple of days late so there's plenty to catch up on...

We've got some new policy clarifications incoming from the Windows Phone Marketplace team - though as usual there is still some confusion around free apps. For now this is what I have:

Paid Developer (USD$99):

  • Unlimited number of paid applications.  
    • You cannot change the price on a paid app to be free.
    • Updates to paid apps that have been published are no charge.
  • 5 submission credits for free apps
    • Updates to free apps that have been published are no charge. (see below)
    • USD$20 for each additional submission
    • Failed app submissions will count against your credits

The same seems to be mirrored for Dreamspark accounts (students with free accounts).

The big "but"


Unfortunately it seems that we're still ironing out the kinks - In reality I am seeing updates to accepted free apps counting towards the 5 credits and then (once you run out of credits) being charged the $20 fee, even for already accepted apps. I'm still trying to get final word on this, but it seems to be the current policy...


Got any good Marketplace stories to share?