Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 Performance Session at PDC!


It's that time of year again - PDC 2010 kicks of tomorrow! Join the Silverlight Performance Team as we take you through the high level analysis of common performance issues that apps commonly run into. I'll be giving a live session titled "Optimizing Performance for Silverlight WP7 Apps" at 3:15pm (PDT)  on day 1 (28 October 2010).

Even if you couldn't make it here to heckle me in person, the rest of the team will be online and answering your questions (or heckling on your behalf) as you watch the live stream via the online player, which you'll be able to find at 

Make sure to check out the session before mine ("Things I Wish I Knew about Building WP7 Apps" by Jaime Rodriguez) and all of the rest of the Windows Phone 7 track. There's other great content at PDC that's worth checking out, but we all know that that's secondary!

See you there!