QnA: "Move"ing messages across accounts


Hi Guys:

I'm using an Exchange account for my primary email but store items on an entirely different IMAP account [an 11G PST would be no good :) ]

Desktop-wise I've got these two accounts set up and can easily move emails back and forth between the IMAP box and Exchange with Outlook or whatever other client.

PPC-6700-wise, I'd like to do the same thing-- i.e. "Move" an email from my Exchange account into a directory on my IMAP account but it appears you can only move emails between directories in the same account.

..unless of course I'm missing something?


No - you are not missing anything...

This is not currently possible in the Outlook Mobile app.

On first blush the real limitation is in our UI. We simply don't expose the trees of folders for other accounts in our Move Message UI.

However there may be some synchronization issues also, like for example a mail is moved from an Exchange to an IMAP account... does the user expect that mail to be synched back to the IMAP server? Will the next synch of the IMAP server, accidentally delete that moved which was moved over since the IMAP server does not know of this message?

CEMAPI - does allow CopyMessage to any destination folder. So this is technically possible, and perhaps it would be possible to write a menu extension or "power toy" which allows Move To Another Account. Or perhaps this can be a feature for future consideration.

Sorry we don't have this feature for you.

GregE - Developer on Outlook Mobile