The Snow is Almost Gone

As some of you probably know, the Seattle area has had a lot of snow and stormy weather lately. The snow hit my area Last Sunday and dumped nine inches of white stuff on us and killed our power. It was three days of sub-freezing weather before the power was back and the ice was gone so we could get back to work. Thankfully I have a wood stove for heat and a gas powered generator wired into our home for lights and refrigeration, so we did alright (some in my area still don't have power after 6 days).

Yesterday was my first day back in the office after a week away, and it was good to get back to work. I did manage to get a couple days of work in while the generator was running, but with my kid out of school I had my hands full building a snow man and having some fun :)

Between my cryptic posts, presentations in the Netherlands, and posts from Phil and Adam, it should be common knowledge that we are working on a pre-DX10 update (SP1) or what you will call a patch. People are still speculating about what will be in SP1 but I think we have made it clear we are working on our top issues. I don't think it will take a rocket scientist (I know some of you actually are rocket scientists...) to figure out what we are working on. Adam has pretty much come out and said it, but until Phil gets more specific, I don't think I will. I will however say that I'm encouraged by the new code being generated and the results we are starting to find. I don't expect miracles, but doom and gloom isn't what I see on the horizon.

 You can check out Phil's blog here:

Of course I'm not on the dev team, much less the SP1 team so I can't talk about it too much. I have been busy trying to get a bunch of specifications written and product evaluation work done before a deadline in a couple of weeks (That's what I really should be doing instead of posting on this blog ;). I can't tell you much about it, but I think it's pretty exciting. The product I am working on is coming along and we had a little demo the other day that was very cool to see. I even managed to build a mission that will eventually make it into the sim and I really like keeping my fingers in the production pie so I don't get too rusty. There's way more going on in our offices that any of you could possibly know. There are so many opportunities and we are working toward making them realities.

Wish I could say more...