Components and Applications for Astoria starting to pop-up

It's exciting to see how a whole ecosystem of development tools, samples and working sites is starting to show up around Astoria and other closely related technologies such as Silverlight.

On the components side, there is obviously a lot of potential around combining the rich experience capabilities of Silverlight with the data infrastructure of Astoria, and the challenge is how to make it easy to integrate them and build fancy-looking user interfaces on top. Check out this demo that the folks from ComponentOne have built.

On the publicly-accessible sample applications side, I'm seeing more and more interesting apps that usually come with articles on how to build them and how the work internally.

One is this really impressive online sample that Shawn Wildermuth put together, which combines Silverlight, Astoria and the Entity Framework. I also learned today about this nice chart display example with Silverlight that uses information coming from Astoria.

If you have a cool online-accessible Astoria demo out there I'd love to hear about it!