Polish Data Insights Team Blog

Polski MSDN Blog

Polski TechNet Blog

Poltergeist's blog

On the DOT of the NET but within the FRAMEWORK!


Microsoft Developer Tools, Tricks, Thoughts, Practices, Events and other pondering...

Pondering Clouds

Mike Wickstrand's blog on Windows Azure and cloud computing

Ponicke Bloguea

La sabiduria me persigue, pero yo soy mas rapido

Pontus Haglund



Poor man's version of a blog by octavio licea

Poor man's version of a blog

Pooya's place (in the Gulf)

A blog about Architecture, Students, and Startups in the Gulf

Port 25 Japan - マイクロソフトのオープンソースの取り組みを紹介します

Port 53

Shyam Seshadri's blog on Windows DNS and more...


PoSh Chap

Musings on the splendour of PowerShell...

Positive Security

Making sense in the world of all things cyber.

The Postwoman - Messaging Development

Claudia Machado

Power BI and Analytics

Power BI transforms your data into rich visuals for you to collect and organize so you can focus on what matters to you.

Power BI for Office 365

The Power of Software


Powershell and Windows 10. Coding, Security and many more by David das Neves, PFE MSFT

PowerShell DevOps

Just another Developer Network site

PowerShell Notes

PowerShell sur Technet et en français

Tout sur l'actualité de PowerShell en français


Bringing PowerShell and SQL together for the best of both worlds.

Powertoys WebLog

Enhancing Developer Productivity One Tool at a Time

Powlo's SharePoint Treats

Friendly SharePoint banter and code nuggets from Paul Robinson

Praburaj Thiagarajan

Windows Communication Foundation. Check out what's new with WCF 4.5 : http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd456789.aspx

Practical applications of ITSM/ITIL

Mark Trammell’s thoughts on operationalizing ITSM concepts, and other stuff

Practical Development

Practical PowerShell Magic for Exchange Online

Level up with Exchange Online and PowerShell

Practical SQL Server

Practical Windows Security

Russell Tomkins - Microsoft Premier Field Engineer

Practice & Share

Practice & Share

Pradeep Anchan's Blog

Today is the first day of the rest of my life......

Pradeep SVS

Pradip Takate

Making it simpler

Pradipta's Blog

Thoughts from sql server support

Pragathi Raj's - UC Blog

Pragmatic Development

Customer focused development

Praharsh’s Blog

My first blog

Prajakta's Blog on WPF, Silverlight and beyond

Prakash Patel MSDN Blog

"Tat Dure Tad Vandike" -- So far yet so near

Prakash Patel Technet Blog

"Tat Dure Tad Vandike" -- So far yet so near



Pranab Paul's Blog - Development Tips on Azure, SharePoint, Office

PaaS, IaaS, Web App, Mobile App, API App, APIM, ASE, Web Parts, Workflow, InfoPath, Features, Site Definition, Event Receivers, Excel Services, Business Connectivity Services (BCS), LinQ to SharePoint, Sandbox, Silverlight, WCF, Search, BI, PPS, OC Automaion, UCCA, UCMA

Pranav ... Blogging

This blog is all about Office Automation, VSTO, InfoPath and other programming stuff. Remember.. "Real Stuff is Out Of The Box...!!"

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