Deadline for App Submission in PYF hackathon has been extended till 15th April, 2014

Dear Contestants

The deadline for app submission on store in PYF Windows Store hackathon has been extended till 15th April, 2014.

The change holds true for all four categories; Code for better Pakistan, Innovation, Games & Maximum Apps.

Please note that the change has been brought due to large count of apps that needs be published on store by contestants and since the Store (as per policies rightly put forth) doesn’t allow more than 150 apps certification at one point of time from one single account.

Please also note that recent change is only introduced to facilitate the participants. The original count of apps from each team had already been logged and it will NOT change subject to recent app submission deadline. We hope and look forward that you'll honor these changes as a means of facilitating our contestants. :)

If you already had published initial version of your app on store and wants to upgrade it given this new time relaxation, you are allowed to tweak. We will consider the latest version available on Windows Store given that the first version of competing app was published no earlier than 15th March, 2014 and final version no later than 15th April, 2014.

The change is reflected in adherence to original post addressing rules and regulations of PYF Windows Store hackathon that PYF and Microsoft reserves entire and unchallengeable rights to change rules at any time.