Introduce User Authorization Feature in Microsoft Azure Mobile Service – Classroom Poster

We're back with 3rd poster from Microsoft Azure Mobile service classroom poster series by our designer intern Shahroz Naeem on how to introduce authorization feature in Azure Mobile Service.

Remember that authorization is the process through which one can ensure that only users with given privileges perform a certain action. The steps presented in this poster ensure that the user can only view its own added records and not the records inserted by other users by introducing a column in existing To Do table that designated current logged in user. Note that the steps below are built on top of previous tutorial where you authenticate the user using Twitter API.

To in traduce authorization, you’ll need the following scripts,

  • In Azure Mobile Services dashboard under insert script, introduce, item.UserId = user.UserId;
  • When querying (under Read script in Azure Mobile Service dashboard), edit the query as follows, query.where({UserId: user.UserId;});

Authorization in Azure Mobile Service

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