WiFi Availability

Reading Rod Drury's reflection on arriving back in New Zealand after his first class ride made me think of something that's quite different between New Zealand and Redmond where I'm living now.  WiFi availability.

We went out to dinner in Bellevue last night.  Afterwards we hit the road looking for the Kirkland Waterfront.  We had no idea where it was and headed towards the water of Lake Washington.  We got lost in a lot of streets with signs like "No Turning Space", "Dead End" and "Private Road".  None of them went anywhere except to big gates and occasionally to slow bridges so I got out my PC, there were 32 WiFi access points and about 30% were open.  I've never seen so many AP's before.

But instead of stopping, connecting to an AP and finding a map site we just kept driving and eventually found Bel-red Road which led home.