Windows Workflow Foundation Beta1 to Beta2 changes

Many early adopters have been working with Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) in Beta 1 and will now be looking at upgrading to Beta 2. Although you can't get Microsoft support on this, we have prepared an upgrade document for existing users of WF Beta 1 who are upgrading code to WF Beta 2.

The steps leading up to your upgrade are to:

  1. Uninstall Visual Studio 2005 extensions for Windows Workflow Foundation (Beta 1.2)
  2. Uninstall Windows Workflow Foundation (Beta 1.2)
  3. Install Visual Studio 2005 extensions for Windows Workflow Foundation (Beta 2 which includes the platform runtime component that you uninstalled in step 2).
  4. Open your WF Beta 1 project and do a Build -> Clean Solution and Build -> Rebuild Solution
  5. Make changes to your code as required to fix build errors and port your project referring to the upgrade document.

You can use the upgrade document by searching for the API that you used in Beta 1 in the document and having a look at what it may have been changed to. You should be aware that this document isn’t a step by step guide to upgrading and lists the changes rather than explaining them so some expertise will be required.

There is also a webcast where I will talk about new features added to WF Beta 2 which you are welcome to join or view afterward. It’s on Thursday February 9th at 10am PST and you can link to it here.