Windows Azure Pack – Scom Management Pack – 404 Errors After Deployment in SCOM Management Console


Today I needed to deploy the SCOM Management Pack for Windows Azure Pack into my lab environment

First I download the bits from here –>

I unpacked it and imported it…

I was thinking fantastic! this is really awesome and such an easy install…

Here is where the problem began… so after 5 minutes it discovered my environment and started to monitor all the sites!

In my lab I had renamed the urls for the AdminSite, WindowsAuthSite, TenantSite and the AuthSite

when I look in alerts I found it was pointing to the default urls out of the box! in fact it just pointed to


I unsealed the management pack and had a deep look and found a lot of default value entries…

I looked at the discovery and couldn't see anything that populated that SiteAddress url it was referencing

In the end I searched the unsealed WindowsAzurePack Management Pack and replaced the localhost entries with the proper URL’s for my environment..

Deleted the original management and imported my modified one and it works perfectly.

I tried looking for a way of overriding them in SCOM but couldn't…

So be warned this is what had to be done! :)