Continuous deployment with Web App for Containers using Azure Container Registry – Part 6

This Post is in continuation of Post : and it is Part 6 of the thread.

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Our next steps are from Verifying Continuous Deployment  section .

20. Go to Docker CLI.

21. Modify the image or give the same tag mapping to any other image.

     1) So now to do so , I will download the phpmyadmin container image from docker by running following command :

               docker pull phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin


     2) Now if I verify the images in my docker by running command

          docker images

         it shows something like :


    watch carefully here:

      Line 2 : the image NGINX is having tag as latest with image id 40960******
      as I have mapped that image with Azure container registry end point sample1/php,
      Line 1 : my sample1/php end point is having same tag and same image id as line 2.
      This also gives us indication , that currently which image is mapped to our azure registry end point.

   3) Line number 7 : Now my recently downloaded phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin image tag is also latest ,with image id f4674******
        But that is not mapped with my existing azure end point ,
       Thus in line number 9 , that end point with that image id is having Tag as <none>.

   4) Now let me map the phpmyadmin image to azure end point by running following command :
           docker tag phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin


   5) Now verify the docker image again to see if it pointing to correct end point


  6) Look closely ,

  7) Now line 1 NGINX local image having image id 4096*** with tag latest.

  8) Line number 4 :This same image id 4096*** , the tag has become <none> , that means now NGINX is not pointing to azure end point samples1/php any more

  9) Line number 5 : Phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin local one having image id f46764*** with tag latest ,

  10) Line number 6 : Same image id is now pointing to azure container registry end point samples1/php with tag latest.

  11) From above, we have mapped phpmyadmin/phpmyadmin image to azure container registry and pushing this on on registry will auto deploye phpmyadmin image on our web app , which is currently running nginx image.

22. Push the image to Azure Container Registry.

     docker push

     Run following command will push this image on azure registory , which should ideally push it on Azure web app as well .


     Now , in few minutes it should auto deploy phpmyadmin container on my web app

23. Browse the web app to see that new image is up and running.


24. After some time, the auto deployment logs are visible in the Azure Container Registry’s Web hook’s Logs/events