Object Test Bench – IV: Please send us your feedback and vNext wish list...

Hi Folks…

It’s been a long long time since my last post. What have I been doing since then? Hmmm… apart from ELDS here is that list:

  1. Transitioned out of J#: Handed over my owner ship of J# Project system, Object Test Bench and other areas.
  2. Started on transitioning into VSD: Had a few meetings with Carlton.
  3. Got married to Anutthara and went for a 2 week post marriage vacation.
  4. Finished transitioning into VSD after numerous meetings with Xin, Carlton, Andrew and Brian Chamberlin: I now own the VSD Data designers, WinForms Designers and some parts of managed VSD IDE.
  5. Got rammed down by a spate of VSD bugs, wrestled with them hard and finally prevailed. We are now ready to ship Visual Studio 2005.

But these are of course very poor excuses for not coming up with a single post in 6 months. But I am going to change that esp. since engaging and spending time with you guys is one of the focus points for my next and future career reviews :-)

Getting back to the topic on hand…

Object Test Bench has been out for many months now. The final release will have very few changes from Beta 2. And we are looking forward to enhancing it for v2. Here is your chance to shape the v2 of Object Test Bench.

How have you liked OTB so far? What is the weirdest way you have used it? Which feature of OTB did you hate the most? What are the roadblocks you have hit? What enhancements would you like us to make in v2? What do you think it will take for OTB to be a killer component?

Personally, I would like to see the following in v2.

  1. Support for Generics
  2. Enhanced integration with the debugger (e.g. edit and continue and support for native C++)
  3. Built in support for Unit Testing

Basically OTB should graduate to a full blown feature helping in enterprise software development. But note that I am no longer in the team that owns OTB, so you should not be surprised if OTB v2 turns our completely different from what I think it should :-)

We are eagerly waiting for your feedback, criticisms, comments and ideas for v2. You may send them through any of the channels below:

  1. Make a suggestion or repro a bug on MSDN Product Feedback Center
  2. Send a mail to JSharp Feedback
  3. Contact and/or reply to the team members’ blogs (Brian Keller, Varun Gupta, Gaurav Seth, Jaiprakash Sharma)
  4. You may email your suggestions/bug directly to our product manager, Brian Keller
  5. Post your feedback and feature requests on the Visual J# Forum
  6. Make a post on the J# public newsgroup at microsoft.public.dotnet.vjsharp

Last but not the least you may contact me and I will personally go and deliver your message to the J# team. (They are sitting just next door to me anyways :-)

See you in the next post…