Optimize your developer workstation by starting/stopping SharePoint's Windows Services

If you are running Windows 7/Vista to run SharePoint 2010, you've probably discovered that you may not necessarily need SharePoint to be running in the background all the time. I've compiled a list of the services that SharePoint Server uses (let me know if I'm missing any). Save these into a couple of .BAT files (e.g. startsharepoint.bat and stopsharepoint.bat) and you can start and stop SharePoint whenever you need to:


net start IISADMiN
net start w3svc
net start DCLauncher14
net start DCLoadBalancer14
net start SQLWriter
net start WebAnalyticsService
net start SPTimerV4
net start SPTraceV4
net start W3SVC
net start SPWriterV4
net start SPAdminV4
net start OSearch14
net start SPSearch4
net start SPUserCodeV4


net stop IISADMiN
net stop w3svc
net stop DCLauncher14
net stop DCLoadBalancer14
net stop SQLWriter
net stop WebAnalyticsService
net stop SPTimerV4
net stop SPTraceV4
net stop SPUserCodeV4
net stop W3SVC
net stop SPWriterV4
net stop SPAdminV4
net stop OSearch14
net stop SPSearch4

Note that this list is for SharePoint Server. If you are running SharePoint Foundation, you won't need all of the ones listed above. Also, if you are running SQL Server rather than SQL Express, then change MSQL$SharePoint to MSSQLServer.

Update: Accidentally had the User Profile Service for Windows in there. Removed it. Thanks, Pete