How to install application on Windows 2008 Terminal Server

It’s recommended to install Terminal services role before installing any application which will be available to terminal server users. If TS role installed after the applications are installed, some the application may not work correctly in a multiple user environment.

In that scenario uninstalling and reinstalling the affected programs can resolve the issue.

To ensure that an application is installed correctly to work in a multiple user environment, the Terminal Server must be switched into Install mode before applications are installed on the server.

A Terminal Server canbe placed into Install mode using one of the following methods:

++Using the Install Application on Terminal Server tool in Control Panel\Programs.

This tool is available only when we install terminal server. It will automatically put terminal server into execute mode when application installation is complete.

++Run Change user /installfrom command promptto place the server into Install mode and install the application. After installing the application, use the Change user /executecommand (or restart the server) to place the server back into Execute mode before using the application.

 Change user /querycommand can be used to find the current mode.

When an application is installed in Install mode, HKEY_CURRENT_USER information is primarily written to the following registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Terminal Server\Install


This information is then circulated to HKEY_CURRENT_USER for each user when they log on to the Terminal Server.