ASP.NET 2.0 Security References

I don't like posting links to generic references all that often, though, I do admit to doing it here and there, but this is one that I thought was worth while for anyone who does any kind of ASP.NET development.  Sure, it doesn't really make your website look pretty, but it'll help keep your website up, and well, in business, and thats kind of important.

But here is another hint, that is kind of important.  VS2005 will automatically open and compile any web project you open.  So that "sample" application you download from the web, well, it does have potential to do damage to your system.  So what can you do to protect yourself?  Well, first, make sure you are only downloading from reputable sites, and stuff that you know what it does.  Second, you should NEVER run as admin on your box.  Well, okay, never is a strong word, but generally, you shouldn't run as an admin on your box for your day to day work.  This will help protect your system from all sorts of nasty things.  When I set computers up for families and friends these days, I usually don't even give them the admin password on the box.  I just tell them to contact me if they run into problems.  The support cost to me is aobut the same - if they need to install something they call, but it's better than them calling because they've been infected with spyware. 

It looks like we're going to get an escrow build tonight!  Yay!

Company meeting tomorrow! Yay!