Cascading Style Sheets

One of the areas that I own on Visual Web Developer is CSS display in the designer surface. I've had some experience with CSS, but I'm no CSS expert. I can work with it, and use it when I create my web pages/sites, but I don't really understand it's full power. For example, when I do something, and it doesn't work like I expect, I have no idea where to go.

To try to pick up my skills, I ordered a couple of web design, and CSS books. The web design books have been great so far. One is just a collection of web site. It simply shows the home page, or a page from the site that is well designed, and is great for ideas on creating web sites and such. The second design book, is actually more text book like, in fact, I'm sure someone some where is teaching web/web application design from this book.

But, jsut as importantly, I picked up a book on CSS. I've only made it through the first two (of 14) chapters tonight, and I've already got about 15 pages marked with some cool new stuff! This stuff kicks bass! I'm looking forward to putting more of it to use in site design and sharing stuff here. It's one weak point of VWD I think, the support for web design.

I love learning new things. I know this isn't exactly new, but it's still cool, and when I understand it better, I know I can push to make support for CSS support in Orcas that much better!

EDIT: The book is Cascading Style Sheets: The Definitive Guide by Eric A. Meyer.