CSS Reboot!

Darn, I found out about this a little too late for this go round, but I'm going to do it for next time.  Honest!

Have you heard about CSS Reboot?  The idea is that twice a year, participating websites redo their CSS pages and come up with new, fun, exciting, and stylish layouts, and there are prizes given out for the best ranked website.

Today was the day, though it last happened on November 1st, so it sounds like it's a twice a year thing.  I found out about it by reading Matt Brett's blog.  He's the guy who I linked to in my last post about the RSS feeds.  He created the RSS feed icon website and is hosting that.  So, next fall, I'll be sure to post about it with a little more notice, and hell, maybe I'll toss in some prizes and do my own CSS reboot!