Do It With Confidence - Install Internet Explorer 7

Wow, lots of stuff going on.  It's 12:20am, and I need some sleep here soon, but I'm back from the IE launch dinner where a bunch of really cool bloggers and other influentials got together to talk IE, the web, AJAX, media centers, photos and other cool things, and wow.  It was pretty darn great.  I need to get to bed as I'm exhausted, but as my earlier post said, IE7 is available now.  You can download it at and you can see the official announcement at

For those of you who were there, thanks for the hard questions, you left me with plenty to think about, and plenty to help direct the IE team on stuff to work towards.

 Great job IE team!  I'm excited to help create what's next!  We're not done, IE7 may have shipped, but is coming!