IE Chat Transcript Online

I want to thank everyone who came attended today's chat, we had a great turn out this morning!  It's a lot of fun to talk to other web developers and web designers.  We move forward by talking to you, and hearing what you want, and this is a great opportunity for us, and it's a cool way to help you figure out some of the stuff you're working on.

I should also thank you guys for putting up with LiveMeeting instead of a real chat client.  We'll be moving into a proper chat client in the near future.  There were some problems getting it set up in time for this chat, so we used LiveMeeting instead..

I've posted the transcript online, and we'll be getting it into a more permanant place, I just wanted to get it online and available as quickly as possible. 

The chats will continue, keep an eye on the IE Developer Center or the IE Blog as we'll be posting upcoming chats and web casts there.  We'll also try to make sure they're available online after so that those who can't make it can still get the information.