I'm not going to Click To Activate anymore (soon)

Phew.  I've been pretty heads down the last month on a couple of different projects, and one of the biggers ones just went live today!  This morning, I posted an item to the IE blog announcing that we're removing click to activate from Internet Explorer!  The first "preview" patch will be available in early December, and then it will be included in the April 2008 Cumulitive Update for IE.

I saw one person on the IE blog comment and ask why we're taking so long to just up and remove this.  The simple answer is many customers don't like it when we make big changes to IE.  It's that whole breaking the web thing that Chris keeps talking about.  We do not expect any changes to the way web pages operate, but we want to give time for you to play with it and see for yourself.

For web developers and designers, this doesn't change anything.  Your pages will still work in the same way that they did before.  If you've been using the JS insertion method, great.  If not, no worries there either. 

And don't forget, MIX registration opened this morning!