reMIX 07 and

With MIX07 just behind us, there are some fun events coming up in Europe, Asia and else where in the world.  REMIX 07 is an opportunity to for people who didn't or couldn't make it to Vegas to see some of the great sessions and events that took place at MIX.

But what I like about reMIX is that I get to do a couple of the sessions, and maybe even a keynote.  The sessions are still being locked down, but there is a live site with a bunch of the information at

I'm currently planning on heading to:

I'm also heading to Seville at the end of June for  The site is in Spanish, which I can't really read, but I can tell you the names of the other presenters are pretty prestigeous!  It'll be a bit intimidating to be with all of those great speakers, but a lot of fun none the less.  I do get to spend pretty much the entire month of June with Molly, so that should be a blast, I'm quite looking forward to that.

Edit: fixed URL for reMIX site