ReMIX: Presentations in PDF & Source for VS2008 Demo

Yep, the internet is on!  I think most of the comments I got yesterday all revolved around the fact that I posted all my presentations in PPTX format.  I work for Microsoft, and well, I use PowerPoint to create my presentations.  I figured most people, even if they didn't have PowerPoint on their machines would at least have the viewer so they could see the slides, but it sounds like quite a few people would rather have a PDF or some other format.  So, here you go!

TechEd: Top 5 Web Blunders
ReMIX: Building Your Own Video Site
ReMIX: Implementing Rich UI
ReMIX: A Tour Around VS2008
ReMIX: Search Engine Optimization for Rich Media

Note that these are stored on my personal website, so I can't guarantee how long they'll last as they're not on an official Microsoft server. 

I've also included with this post the source to the VS2008 demo that I did.  I had to swap the pictures out and replace them with corporate clip art, but the rest of the content is the same.  I included the source for what I started with, and the source that I finished with so that you can see where I started, and where I finished.  If you want to follow along, you can watch the original demo at the MIX site