Rounded Corners in CSS

I was talking with a friend last night, and he was lamenting the problems that he was having with CSS.  Not so much the problems, but more the fact he was just starting to learn it and wasn't really enjoying it so much.  While we were talking, I tried to poke a few ideas out for future CSS blog postings.  I came up with one that I wanted to play with as I haven't done much work with it at all, and figured it'd be a good way to make sure I knew it, and that it worked properly.

Sure enough, the idea was how to create rounded corners on website.  So I got in this morning, and started my morning blog reading, when I came across a post titled Rounded Corners with CSS by Rick Strahl.  He beat me to it!  And did a great job of it too.

So rather than rehashing exactly the post, I'm simply going to suggest you guys have a look at his post, and in fact, check out his blog, he posts lots of neat stuff on there.  He has a set of web utilities that will even generate the rounded corners on the fly for you too, which is really hot!  Though, for my personal site, it's a little more than I want to pay.