T-7 Days: The First Of The Canadian Launch Events

I'm super excited to announce I'll be attending 3 of the Canadian Launch events! 

Toronto - November 8th 

Ottawa - November 10th

Vancouver - November 22nd

These are going to be great opportunities to see what is up and coming from Visual Studio 2005, Visual Web Developer, SQL 2005 and BizTalk.  At all the launch events, there are going to be some great presentations, cabana's (ask the experts area) and plenty of other great stuff.  I'll be working the cabanas in Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver.  I always love getting in contact with you guys, showing new stuff, or explaining how you can cut some of your current projects in half by using some of the built in web controls in ASP.NET 2.0. 

But wait, there's freestuff!  By attending any of the Canadian launch events, everyone gets Special Edition copies of Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005.  These are full versions, not the evaluation version that will expire after 180 days.  You'll be able to start playing or working on VS2005 the day that you walk out the door.

I even managed to get my hands on a laptop so I can bring it along to demo some cool stuff, we'll see how that all goes.  I'm not quite sure what to demo yet, but I'll probably play with some of the starter kits, or something fun like that.  I'm really excited to hear about people getting their hands on this stuff.  We've been working long and hard on it, and now that it's out the door, it feels great!