Connected Show #40 - Migrating World Maps to Azure

connectedShow_HalfSizeBrianHitneySquareA new year, a new episode.  This time, the Connected Show hits 40!  In this episode, guest Brian Hitney joins Peter to discuss how he migrated the My World Maps application to Windows Azure. Fresh off his Azure Firestarter tour through the eastern US, Brian talks about migration issues, scalability challenges, and blowing up shared hosting.

Also, Dmitry and Peter rap about Dancing with the Stars, the XBox 360 Kinect, Dmitry’s TWiT application for Windows Phone 7, and Dmitry’s outdoor adventures at 'Camp Gowannas'.


Show Notes & Resources

IUnderTheGowanustems Discussed During News & Banter

Dmitry Dances With The Stars…

Kinect News & Dmitry’s Outdoor Adventures:

Items Discussed During Interview with Brian

Catching up with Brian…

Migrating to Windows Azure: