Develop a Windows Phone Game, Win A Dell Alienware M18x Gaming Rig

tomatogravyBack in October, when I announced a series of HTML5 Game Camp Events, I suggested that if you think learning how to develop video games is of little value, then you’re quite mistaken. I commented that the list of top apps in any of the major mobile phone marketplaces are virtually all GAMES!  That’s still the case today 3 months later.

If you’re considering developing a mobile app and want to make money on it, it seems building a game would be the way to go!  Creating a game can be very rewarding.  Making money while selling those games is more rewarding.  Winning stuff for the games you create is gravy on top. 

Sweet, succulent gravy!

I just got word of a new incentive for those interested in developing a Windows Phone game.  From the folks at the Microsoft User Community & Microsoft Tech Student groups:

YouveGotGameCalling all game developers! If you create and publish a game to the Windows Phone Marketplace, you have a shot at winning a Dell Alienware M18x laptop – ideal for getting your game on. Just go to to find out more about the contest, how to enter, and what you can win. Rules:

Sweet! Succulent! Gravy!

Head on over and jump in!