HTML5 Game Camp Resources Available

HTML5LogoWhile I was on the road in early December with the US Cloud team delivering Windows Azure Dev Camps, our colleagues were doing the same with the HTML5 Game CampsI got a chance to attend the NYC stop at Columbia University on December 9th.  (The “Grantophone” is STILL a huge hit in my home!)

Now that the HTML5 Game Camps have concluded, my colleague Chris Bowen has posted all of the content & resources online. I got a chance to browse through some of it this evening, and there is a lot of great stuff here. With HTML5 being the current ‘hottness’, this is a list that must be bookmarked!

BookwormBookmarkFrom Chris

The events featured introductions to the underlying technologies (HTML5, JavaScript, graphics) then a look at engines that can make game development easier.  The second half was hacking time followed by a chance for everyone to demo their creations.  It was great to see what could be made in just a few hours!

Thanks to everyone who participated, and let me know if you’ve continued working on your creations after the events!

Now, bookmark this link ASAP:

HTML5 Game Development Resources

Oh, while we’re at it… here’s two for the price of one (great list from Chris a few months back):

List of HTML5 Presentation Resources