Node.js on Windows & Windows Azure at Node.Philly

Node.Philly-LogoOn April 23rd, 2012, I had the privilege of speaking at the first Node.Philly event in Philadelphia.  It was a fantastic event and I enjoyed meeting lots of folks who are excited about Node and building solutions with it today!  While this was a one time event, I got the feeling that evening that there is plenty of interest in the local community to establish a recurring type of Node.Philly meetup.  Maybe we’ll hear of one soon?

I was asked by the event’s organizer, Tim Savery, to fill in for another speaker who couldn’t make it at the last minute.  I gave a short talk & intro-level demo of running Node.js on Windows & then deploying it to Windows Azure.  After the talk, I participated in a Q&A Panel discussion with Christian Sanz from  Christian also did an intro-level talk on Node.js.

There’s not much to them, but I posted my slides on SlideShare (most of the talk was demo):

Node.philly Intro to Node.js on Windows

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Thanks to the folks running the Node.Philly event for having all of the sessions professionally recorded and posted online for viewing by those who couldn’t make it.  You can find all of the Node.Philly videos here on YouTube.  Below are videos of my Node on Windows talk & demo and my participation on a Q&A panel with Christian Sanz.

Node.Philly 2012 :: Intro to Node w/Peter Laudati

Node.Philly 2012 :: Intro to Node Panel

If you’re looking to get started with Node on Windows & Windows Azure, see my previous post:

Get Started with Node.js + Windows Azure: Resources

If you’re in NYC of Philly and have questions about running Node on Windows, hit me up!