Philly.NET Code Camp April 14, 2012 – Call For Speakers Now Open

pdncodecampIt’s that time again! Philly.NET Code Camp takes place twice a year in April and October.  Every time I’ve gone, it’s been a fantastic experience with so many opportunities to learn. With 10-14 parallel tracks of over 60+ developer oriented sessions, the Philly.NET community has grown this event into something that is to be envied by other technology communities!

If you haven’t been a Code Camp before, it’s like having a mini-Tech Ed right in your back yard (minus the big registration fee).  OH, and did I mention code camps are free?!

How do they do it? All of the speakers are volunteers and present at code camp for the benefit of the community. 

How do they get these folks to volunteer?  With a Call For Speakers!


If you’re interested in presenting on whatever cool technology you’re working with or excited by, now is the time to submit a session for the upcoming Philly.NET Code Camp on April 14, 2012.  You don’t have to be an expert or a professional.  You just have to have some passion to come and share your knowledge with others.

Code Camp speakers don’t get paid.  But they get a lot of recognition and love from the local developer community.  And if you’re talk is selected, you also get a nifty Philly.NET Code Camp shirt too!  (That’s worth the time alone!)

If you want an idea of the types of topics that have been covered at Philly.NET Code Camp in the past, view the schedule from the last one in October 2011.

So if you’re interested, follow the link below and…


Registration for the code camp is NOT open yet.  That will likely happen 3-4 weeks in advance of the actual date.  Looking forward to another great event soon!