OData Browser for Windows Phone 7

Since the company got me a Windows Phone 7 device and also paid for my
developer account, I feel obligated to put an application for the market place out there.
Hence. we have the OData browser for Windows Phone 7 .
I am currently testing with a couple of brave beta testers and will be uploading this app to the market place at the End of this week,
i.e. the 22nd of January 2011.

Here are some screens :
1. The screen to select a collection given an OData service Uri, here you see Netflix’s collections


2. The collection view to show you the first page of results.
Based on the make-up of your entity types, we figure out which data template to use in this view.
Since the “Titles” entity set has a Media stream backing it and has EPM annotations to atom:title,
We’re able to pick up this nice view which is not hard-coded for any specific OData service .


2.a, Here we see the same view but showing a collection that has no EPM annotations.
Since the app can’t figure out which field makes sense, it allows the user to pick which field they want to
see in the view.



3. Selecting a row in the 2/2.a gives you this screen that contains the Columns in the entity instance in a flat format.
    You can see that this view shows the Id, Synopsis and other properties of an instance from the “Titles” set.


If we find that the <atom:entry> element has a Media stream of an image type behind it,
we show the media content in the Media Pivot item.


If you have EPM mappings to GeoRss elements or have certain fields that denote the location
of a place on the map, we show you a pushpin on the map as shown below.


If you can’t wait for the app to be on the marketplace and are willing to undergo some pain
as I iron out the issues in the app, send me an email at PHANIRAJ AT MICROSOFT DOT COM,
and I can send you the xap for the application for you to self-host this application on your
developer-unlocked phones.