Versioning note , writing SL 3.0 applications with Astoria v1.5 Sl 2.0 SDK Library

As part  of the v1.5 install, we also shipped a Silverlight 2.0 SDK library that is capable of talking to a v1.5 Astoria Service.

Did you know that you could use the Silverlight 2.0 client library we shipped as part of our v1.5 CTP1 release in Silverlight 3.0 applications?

From a Silverlight SDK library point of view ,to use Mike Flasko’s words, ”we are nothing but user code”.
We have no dependencies on the Runtime that have changed in SL 3.0 , yet.
So , you can use the Silverlight 2.0 SDK library that we shipped in v1.5 CTP1 , by
replacing the reference to “System.Data.Services.Client.dll” with “Microsoft.Data.Services.Client.dll”

In your Silverlight project ,

1. If you already have a reference to “System.Data.Services.Client.dll” in your SIlverlight application , remove it .

2. If you have the v1.5 CTP1 installed , the Silverlight client binaries are stored in the following location ,
%ProgramFiles%\ADO.NET Data Services V1.5 CTP1\sl_bin

3. Bring up the “Add Reference” window by right clicking the “References” node for the Silverlight 3.0 Project in Visual Studio.

4. Use the “Browse” tab of the “Add Reference” window to browse to this location to add a reference to “Microsoft.Data.Services.Client.dll”.

5. Rebuild and run the app .

What about Code-gen ,
Can I point the Silverlight 3.0 application at a v1.5 CTP1 service and get all the binding & Friendly Feeds mappings generated in the Client types?

No , there is no integration for v1.5 codegeneration tools in Visual Studio for Sl 3.0 Projects .
You will have to use the DataSvcUtil.exe tool from the following directory manually to generate the types with binding information for SL 3.0 projects .

Location for DataSvcUtil.exe : %ProgramFiles%\ADO.NET Data Services V1.5 CTP1\bin

From a runtime perspective , is there any functionality in the v1.5 SL 2.0 library that is not present when the dll is inside a xap built with SL 3.0 tools ?

No , none , everything should just work . If something doesn’t work , please leave a comment on this post or write to me at PhaniRaj At Microsoft Dot Com.

What about Silverlight 3 Out-Of-Browser applications ?

The Astoria Silverlight client library doesn’t yet work with Out of the Browser Silverlight applications.