SQL Server Analysis Services in ten minutes

Analysis Services has been part of SQL Server for a while, but it's underappreciated by most. I've posted another video on Channel 9 to try to share what a powerful capability this is for understanding large volumes of aggregated data.

More than just the simple demo (showing a cube, clicking through some dimensions, pulling the data into Excel 2007), Analysis Services opens the door to truly powerful analytic capabilities in data mining, visualization, and (with PerformancePoint Server), scorecards, dashboards, analytic charts, and planning scenarios.

 I'm not trying to trivialize the technology - OLAP cubes are definitely something that's a short time to learn, a lifetime to master. But I am trying to demystify some of this stuff so SQL Server devs & DBA's can get an idea where to start.

Short video, but I'm trying to keep them under ten minutes.