Visual Studio 2011 and .Net framework 4.5 announced at BUILD conference


Hi everyone,

As you all know that we announced Visual Studio 2011 and the next framework version v4.5 at BUILD conference last week.

Please note that we are using the combined forum here - for answering all WCF v4.5 preview related questions. Please post all such questions there to get quick set of eyes.

WCF v4.5 feature list:

Here is a quick list of features/enhancements we are bringing in WCF v4.5, your feedback is welcome. I will be blogging about these in detail in the next few days.

Scalable modern communication stack

- Scalable, bi-directional communication over HTTP using WebSockets

- Interoperable public UDP multi-cast channel

- TCP support for high-density scenarios (partial trust)

- Support for Tasks and the new C# Async language features throughout WCF programming model

- Improved streaming support

- Compression support (gzip/deflate) for binary encoding

Continued commitment to simplicity

- Further config simplification, config intellisense, making WCF throttles/quotas smarter & work for you by default!

- Support for multiple authentication modes on a single WCF endpoint

- Better manageability via rich ETW & e2e tracing

- XSD-first type authoring experience

- Support for Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) WCF services.


Support for WCF client in Win8 immersive applications with basicHttp/netTcp/WebSocket* bindings.

[*WebSocket support for Win8 WCF Immersive apps is not present in the current preview release but we are working to add it in the final 4.5 release]

Interesting BUILD talks

1) Building Web APIs in Windows Azure with WCF to reach any device -  , Glenn Block

2) Building real-time web apps with WebSockets using IIS, ASP.NET and WCF , Paul Batum, Stefan Schackow

3) Building data-driven HTML5 apps with WCF RIA Services , Dinesh Kulkarni

4) Building real-time web apps with HTML5 WebSockets , Ravi Rao

5) What's new in .NET Framework 4.5 , Joshua Goodman

6) Building and running HPC apps in Windows Azure , Greg Burgess.

Thanks and please do tell us which features excite you the most!