Event: Don’t forget the free UK Windows Azure Camp for the IT Pro, 27th Sept.


This camp is aimed at the IT Pro. On it you will build and deploy an entire SharePoint infrastructure with a dual-machine server-farm, Active Directory Domain Controller and SQL Server. On the road to that infrastructure you will create a dual-server, load-balanced IIS website, a WIndows Azure Virtual Network in to which you will deploy the Active Directory Domain plus all the member servers (SQL and SharePoint) and you’ll also learn how to generalise your images and add them to your library of images to make future deployment simpler. It’s a very lab focussed camp.


For more details about what a camp is like – see this post.

This camp follows the Windows Server 2012 launch event and the Windows Server 2012 IT Pro Camp so if you are attending one or the other, or even both, you might find it useful to extend your time by another day.



Links for registration/details to the various events are here:


25th September: Windows Server 2012 Technical Launch event

26th September: Windows Server 2012 IT Pro Camp

27th September: Windows Azure IT Pro Camp

28th September: Windows Server 2012 IT Pro Camp