Plankytronixx Academy: Windows Azure Connect - Live Meeting on 15th December 16:00-17:15 UK time (08:00–09:15 PST)


It’s very unfortunate to have to do this, but the so-called “Plankytronixx Academy” (!) Windows Azure Connect Online Session that was due to run:

15th December 16:00 UK Time (08:00 PST) to 17:15 UK Time (09:15 PST)

…has had to be moved to the same time slot on the 22nd December.

The server from which I was going to do demos, including domain-joining Azure instances to a local Active Directory has slowed to the slowest of crawls. So slow in fact that all troubleshooting measures have become untenable. Though I might find out what’s wrong and get it fixed in time, I suspect not and I want to give as much notice that I can of the change of date.

Diary commitments mean the earliest I can run the new session is on the 22nd December. I hope this doesn’t cause too much inconvenience for any of you who’d put the original date in your diaries. I’m sure though, we’ll have a great session on the 22nd December. Get all that knowledge in to your head in time for Christmas, when you can ponder how to apply it with your family and friends over mince pies and mulled wine…

To attend the NEW SESSION click here on the 22nd December at 16:00 UK time (08:00 PST) to join the session. It lasts until 17:15 UK Time (09:15 PST).

A new post has also been created to inform you.

If I don’t see you at the session – have a nice Christmas…

I’ve kept the old text below, just in case you need to re-reference this post.


--------- cut here ----------

I will be presenting a Live Meeting session on Windows Azure Connect for 1 hour 15 minutes on 15th December 16:00 UK time.

The session will include an overview of the networking and domain-join aspects of Windows Azure Connect, including demos of both features. I’ll also talk about things this is useful for and also when you might not want to use it, going in to a little more detail on the various blog posts I’ve made about these things.

You can join the meeting with this link on the 15th December at 16:00 UK time (08:00 PST).

If there are specific things you’d like me to cover, please leave comments and I’ll try to accommodate you, though please bear in mind we only have 1:15 and many people will know almost nothing about it at all.

I thought I’d do a series of these things I’ve nominally monikered “Plankytronixx Academy”. This one is the first…


If there’s a reasonable turnout and it’s a success I’ll do more of them.