CoolCommands Refference Manager for Visual Studio 2005 RTM

I ported CoolCommands to visual studio RTM

CoolCommands includes:

- Reference Manager

- Collapse All Project, Command Prompt Here, Open Project Folder, Demo Font and Wheel Font Zooming

The Navigation Window power tool it is not included probably in the next version it will be.




-  Unzip (ie: c:\coolcommands )

- Open VS 2005 command prompt

- run c:\coolcommands\install.bat




  Visual Studio 2005 RTM


[Via Gaston Milano's WebLog]

Refference manager is a cool tool that does the following...

Case 1) Open Reference Manager, write your reference filter (regular expression) and you will have what are the projects that use these references.

Case 2) Filter by your reference (the reference manager select all the projects that contains this reference), press Remove (the reference manager will remove
the reference for each selected project)

CoolCommands also includes some cool IDE font resizing commands for demo's and code reviews.