VBCommenter 1.2.5 FINAL Released for Adding XML Comments to VB.Net

I continue to be impressed by the people from the community that step up and make serious improvements to the VBCommenter tool. The new release, from Doug, is very impressive.  Here are just some of the improvements he highlighted on his blog.

  • Major speed improvements (mostly related to schema and XML validation handling). For example, a large project that took 14 minutes to build using 1.2 and 2 minutes without VBCommenter takes about 2.5 minutes with 1.2.5.
  • Improved comment schema (includes all NDoc extensions to the XML comment schema)
  • Improved XML validation and task list reporting
  • cref resolution is much better - If your class has a method called "Log" and you want to reference it, the generated cref will be correct instead of pointing to System.Diagnostics.Log
  • Reads assemblies in read-only mode to avoid locking the file or the inability to load the assembly if the IDE has it locked
  • Renders variables declared as "WithEvents" as properties (which is how the WithEvents keyword is implemented in IL) to allow NDoc to find the appropriate comments for the field (See More)